UPA aims to practically assist the Christian Community and Wider City in working together to tackle poverty in Leeds.
Helping Christians working out of the Frontline to work and pray together. This often involves working with people of different faiths or people of no faith.
Channelling resources from Churches and individuals out to initiatives to assist them in serving Leeds.
Encourage Christians to be family and engage in ongoing Discipleship with some of the poorest people in Leeds.

Unity in Poverty Action

Unity in Poverty Action (UPA) exists to assist the Christian Community and the wider city in working together to tackle poverty in Leeds.

We will aim to achieve this by...

Coordinating - Establishing and maintaining networks in Leeds and West Yorkshire to help meet specific needs and creating opportunities for people to pray for the wellbeing of the city.

Collaborating - Inputting into citywide partnerships and strategies.

Informing - Sharing information to enable churches, organisations and individuals to work together to meet the increasing need of the city.

Resourcing - Equipping those tackling poverty to continue and increase their work, by facilitating the release of finance, volunteers and other resources.

Connecting church communities to develop shared learning on how they can support and disciple people on the margins of society.

'Loose the chains of injustice, set the oppressed free' Isaiah 58.6

In June 2009 we did a feasibility study with Leeds Christian Community Trust to see whether a project could be set up in Leeds to specifically help churches, projects and individuals work together to tackle poverty in the city. In 2010 Unity in Poverty Action (UPA) officially started and has been running to this present day. We work in 3 different areas and these cover

Raising awareness and channelling resources from churches and individuals to assist initiatives in their work.

Helping the Christian Community and Wider City in working and Praying together

Engaging in the topic of church communities can disciple and be discipled by people from the margins of society.

Food bank usage over 3 years

2020/21 - 61,000
2021/22 - 42,000
2022/23 - 59,000