Leeds Homeless Charter

The Leeds Homeless Charter was put together by people with lived experience of homelessness, different charities, grassroot groups which operate out on the street, Leeds City Council and a number of commissioned services. The charter itself is a set of aim and actions which those who sign up to it are all working towards and is underpinned by four working groups (see below); the Big Change Leeds Initiative (see link) which encourages businesses and the general public to give time money and items to support those who are living a street based lifestyle and the Street Support website (see link) which is an online hub for communication.

The four working groups cover:

  • Grassroots groups connecting with commissioned services
  • Addiction and Mental Health
  • Migration and homelessness
  • Prison Release

If you wish to read and or sign up to the Leeds Homeless Charter a Pdf version of the document can be found below:

From the 5th November 2020 a set of guidelines have been set out for groups participating in outreach on the street. A Pdf of the guidelines can be found bellow:

Photos from Leeds Homeless Charter working groups and the Leeds Homeless Charter launch event:

Media coverage of the launch event for the Leeds Homeless Charter: YEP article

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